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Music is an important part of most funeral services. The right funeral music can add to the experience of grieving and remembering. Choosing music that reflects your loved one is a great way to personalise the service. Many families choose favourite songs or pieces of music which have special significance. Some family members or friends may wish to participate, playing their own musical instruments or singing.

Music at a funeral usually includes:

  • Music before the service as mourners assemble
  • A piece of music as the coffin enters
  • Hymns (if applicable)
  • Music for reflection during the service
  • Music at the end of the service

We are able to arrange a variety of live music performers including:

  • Organist
  • Choir
  • Soloist
  • Church bells
  • Bagpiper
  • Bugler
  • Pianist
  • Harpist

Most service venues offer facilities to play recorded music.

We are also able to offer outside broadcasting for funerals where the venue isn’t large enough to accommodate all of the mourners inside the building.