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Here are some examples of some thoughtful and creative ways to say goodbye to your loved one.

Celebrate the life of your loved one by releasing some of their cremated remains in a firework.

Ashes into space
Immortalise your loved one for ever by releasing some of their cremated remains in space.

Balloon release
Arrange a balloon release at the end of the funeral service. Each balloon will have a blank card tied on with a ribbon. Personal messages may be written onto the blank cards. The balloons, ribbons and cards are biodegradable.

Steam train
Arrange for your loved one’s cremated remains to be scattered by a steam locomotive from one of the many heritage railways located throughout the UK.

Ashes at sea
To celebrate the life of a loved one who had a strong connection with the sea. Cremated remains can either be scattered on the water or placed into a biodegradable urn or casket which will break down over time and not cause any damage to the environment.

Dove release
The release of doves at a funeral can be both a touching and significant marker of the occasion as they symbolise peace, hope, faith and love. A peaceful and healing tribute to your loved one.

Memorial tree
A memorial tree can be planted and personalised in remembrance of your loved one; as a lasting symbol of their life. It offers family and friends a place to visit and feel close.