Coffins, Caskets, Urns & Keepsakes

Coffins, Caskets, Urns & Keepsakes


A few examples of some of our coffins, which can be designed bespoke to fit your wishes

The Alderley Coffin

The Bollington Coffin

The Gawsworth Coffin

The Henbury Coffin

The Hollins Coffin

The Langley Coffin

The Last Supper Coffin

The Prestbury Coffin

The Rainow Coffin

The Sutton Coffin

Temporary Grave Marker

Made in Britain Green or Eco Coffins

A selection of environmentally friendly Somerset willow coffins

Curved Buff Green Bands and Handles

Curved Buff Green Bands and Handles

Curved Gold Pink Bands and Handles

Curved Gold Pink Bands and Handles

Traditional Gold Navy Bands and Handles

Traditional Gold Navy Bands and Handles

Traditional Gold Rope Handles

Traditional Gold Rope Handles.

Green or Eco Coffins

We have a selection of environmentally friendly options

Bamboo Lattice Casket

English Willow Casket Buff & Green

Pandanus Casket

White Cromer Willow Casket

Colourful Coffins

Our colourful coffins are bespoke and may be tailored to incorporate your personal design ideas including your own photographic images

Bluebell Wood Colourful Coffin

Bowling Green Colourful Coffin

Steam Train Colourful Coffin

Wild Birds Colourful Coffin


We have a range of caskets to suit all needs

The Marton Casket

The Mottram Casket

The Siddington Casket

Heart Red

Journey Ashes

Bluebell Wood Cremated Remains Casket

Bowling Green Cremated Remains Casket

Wild Birds Cremated Remains Casket

Urns & Keepsakes

For those who may wish to keep a part of their loved ones close by

Copper Engraved Urn

Brass Engraved Urn

Brass Urn with Gold and Silver Coloured Detail

Keepsake Urn with Candle

Chrome Keepsake Star

Brass Keepsake Heart

Memory Bear

Scatter Tubes for Cremated Remains

We have a variety of different colours and designs

Autumn Scattertube

Bluebell Scattertube

Dove Scattertube

Rose Scattertube

Sunflower Scattertube

Sunset Scattertube

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to speak with us, we’ll be more than happy to help you