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Orbitas Bereavement Services LTD – Scale of fees and charges for Macclesfield Cemetery and Crematorium as at 4th December 2023.

Shown in accordance with the Funerals Market Investigation Order 2021.


Adult Unattended Service: Direct Cremation (commencing at 08:30 or 08:50)£500.00
Adult Attended Service: Reduced Fee (09:15 service only)£738.00
Adult Attended Service: Standard Fee (commencing after 09:15)£950.00
Child under 18 years (not incl. use of chapel*)£395.00
Still-born baby (not incl. use of chapel*)£120.00
Non-viable foetus, products of conception, blocks & slides or body parts (not incl. use of chapel*)£62.00


Extended Service (60min service available at 12:15)£85.00
Additional Chapel Slot (double booking in Chapel for 2 x 45min slots)£263.00
Out-of-hours Services (e.g. Saturday am)£991.00

Audio/Visual Services

Live webcast£85.00
Recording of service supplied as downloadable MP4 (with/without Visual Tribute)£45.00/35.00
Recording of service supplied as DVD or USB (with/without Visual Tribute)£75.00/65.00
Visual Tribute – single still image (each)£20.00
Visual Tribute – slideshow up to 25 images without music£45.00
Visual Tribute – slideshow up to 25 images with music£85.00
Visual Tribute – slideshow per 25 additional images£25.00
Visual Tribute – downloadable MP4 copy£20.00
Visual Tribute – DVD/USB copy£35.00
Visual Tribute – surcharge for orders received less than 48hrs before service£75.00
*Use of Chapel for service only£295.00

NB: all attended services are 45mins inclusive of time to enter and leave the chapel. Cremation fees include: environmental charge; medical
referee; cremation certificate; eco-container. Fees for attended chapel services also include provision of music

Burial Fees - Purchase of graves

Exclusive Rights of Burial - Cheshire East resident£1,434.00
Exclusive Rights of Burial - Non-resident£2,868.00
Meadow Brook Ruby Section Exclusive Rights of Burial - Cheshire East resident£1,950.00
Meadow Brook Ruby Section Exclusive Rights of Burial - Non-resident£3,900.00
Children’s area (incl. Memorial and Burial or Cremation of Infant)£1,000.00

Burial Fees - Purchase of Cremated Remains Plots

Cheshire East resident - Single£288.00
Cheshire East resident - Double£472.00
Cheshire East resident - Family (for four)£669.00

Burial Fees - Interment: Coffins

Grave Opening 4’6” (Re-open for second interment, or opening for a single interment where there will be no further interments)£1,000.00
Grave Opening 6’6” (First interment in plot for two)£1,124.00
Grave Opening 8’6” (Rights purchased before Oct 2018 only)£1,250.00
Interment of non-viable foetus or products of conception£62.00

Burial Fees - Interment: Cremated Remains

Single Interment£275.00
Second Interment (where two sets are interred at same appointment)£137.00
Grave or Cremated Remains Plot Selection Fee£96.00
Test dig£263.00
Grave Timbers/TopsoilPrice on request

Burial Fees - Exhumation

CoffinPrice on request
Cremated Remains£275.00

Surcharges and Admin Fees

Transfer of Grave Ownership£66.00
Copy Cremation Certificate£12.00
Papers received less than 2 working days prior to day of Cremation or Interment£66.00
Incorrect size of coffin supplied on paperwork£144.00

Surcharge for Overrun of Crematorium Chapel Service

Overrun of 15 minutes or more which does not:
a) Cause disruption to the following service
b) Prevent access to the chapel for the following service
c) Run into non-service time
Overrun of 5 minutes or more causing one or more of the above issues£311.00
Early or Late arrival of cortège in cemetery (15 mins or more)£263.00

Memorial Permits

Replacement Memorial Application£66.00
Additional Inscription£66.00

Gardens of Remembrance Fees - Placement of Cremated Remains in Gardens of Remembrance

Witnessed - Cremated at Macclesfield£66.00
Witnessed - From other Crematoria£132.00
Witnessed - Cremated at MacclesfieldNo charge
Unwitnessed - From other Crematoria£66.00

NB: please refer to Cemetery Office for Memorial Prices