Additional Services

Additional Services

A few of our optional extras available on request

Floral tributes

We will be pleased to convey the floral tributes to a nursing home or the local hospice after the funeral service has taken place, free of charge, where they will be made into smaller arrangements and displayed for the enjoyment of residents and visitors.


We are able to arrange personalised funeral stationery to meet all of your requirements.  These may include Service booklets, Thank You cards and Maps. Our funeral stationery is presented beautifully, incorporating photographs and other personal touches, helping to create a memorable keepsake.


We are able to provide post funeral receptions at Park Green House and will be pleased to discuss our hot or cold buffet menu options with you. We are also able to arrange catering with other recommended local venues should you prefer. Our Caterers are all local companies.

Bereavement support

Grieving for the person who has died takes time. The effects of grief can include feelings of helplessness, shock, numbness and sadness. A sense of disbelief and confusion can often be felt. There is no set time-scale for the period of mourning. We are all different as individuals. Should you feel that you would like to talk to someone who will listen and try to help, we are able to introduce you to one of the counsellors at Macclesfield Bereavement Support Group who provide a free local service.

Newspaper notices

We will place Death Notices and Acknowledgement Notices in the newspapers or publications of your choice and will be pleased to assist you with the wording.


We will collect donations from the mourners on the day of the funeral. We will hand them to you after the service so that you may forward them to your chosen charity. We will obtain Gift Aid envelopes where possible to ensure that the maximum benefit is received by the charity you nominate.

Dove release

We are able to arrange a dove release after the funeral service has taken place.

Firework displays

We can arrange spectacular firework displays which include specially modified fireworks that incorporate cremated remains. Firework displays can create a memorable and uplifting way to say “farewell” to a loved one.

Balloon release

We are able to arrange for a balloon release at the end of the funeral service. Each balloon will have a blank card tied on with a ribbon. Personal messages may be written onto the blank cards. The balloons, ribbons and cards are biodegradable.

House clearance

When someone dies there can often be a lot of household furniture or domestic items that you may not wish to keep or feel up to the task of dealing with yourself. We can arrange for full or partial house clearances to be undertaken.


Music has a very important part to play in the funeral. We are able to provide a variety of different musicians for an unforgettable experience. All of our musicians are local people.

Cremated remains

We will collect the cremated remains of your loved one from the crematorium after the cremation has taken place and hold them in our safe-keeping for one month pending your instructions. We will be pleased to assist you with any plans you may have for scattering or interment.

Record of attendance

We will invite those attending the funeral to record their names on Attendance cards. We will hand the Attendance cards to you after the funeral service has taken place.

Book of remembrance

A Book of Remembrance is a wonderful keepsake you will have for ever. We usually arrange for the Book of Remembrance to be placed on a table in the reception venue where those attending can record their memories after the service.

The Bereavement Register

The Bereavement Register’s aim is to reduce the flow of circulars, random advertising material and junk mail, which are often still sent to the address of a person after they have died. This is done by removing the deceased person’s name and address from mailing lists. Receiving post addressed to someone who has died may be upsetting and could become an annoyance to anyone who moves into their property subsequently.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to speak with us, we’ll be more than happy to help you