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Please call us at any time. An experienced member of our team will always be available for you.

You can choose to finance all or part of the funeral costs, and set the terms of repayment from 12 to 60 months. You can maintain your financing through a personal login area which allows you to manage your account.

Funeral Safe operates with honesty, competence, care, and attention, and adheres at all times to appropriate business behaviour.

Client communication
Funeral Safe presents information to its clients in a transparent, honest, and non-misleading manner while taking into account their information needs.

Fully regulated
Funeral Safe interacts with its regulators in a transparent and helpful manner, and it is required to properly disclose to the relevant regulator everything pertaining to the company about which that regulator would reasonably expect notice.

Simple to use
Get a loan offer from Funeral Safe or directly from your funeral director.
Accept the offer with an electronic signature and text confirmation.
Direct payment to your funeral director will be made for your funeral account.
The payback process begins on the day you agreed.

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