Bereavement Help

Bereavement Help

Losing a loved one is always a loss and can be very difficult.

At Andrew Smiths we are always here to help and provide assistance wherever possible, but have also put together a list of useful contacts should you feel you would like to talk to somebody about your loss:

Dr Bill Webster

Dr. Bill Webster knows about grief not just in theory, but also from experience. He knows first-hand the pain of losing someone special.

Macclesfield Bereavement

Macclesfield Bereavement Support Service is free NHS supported independent voluntary group, linked to Macclesfield District General Hospital, offering a service for adults 18 and over.

Cruse Bereavement Care
Cruse Bereavement Care provides support, information and advice for adults, children and young people when someone they loved dies.

Macclesfield Samaritans
A free service and safe place to talk any time of the day or night with complete confidentiality.

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